Norwegian version

The Divine Name  (YHWH)
in Norway

In the Bible the name of God is a fundamental and important part of the text. On this website you will find a list of places to see the Divine Name in Norway.

Click the placenames below to see the pictures:

Andebu: The church of Andebu
Austrått: The chapel of Austrått castle
Bergen: The church of Maria
Brandval, Kongsvinger: The church of Brandval
Bryne: Old house
Bø (district of Telemark): The old church
Fiskum: The old church
Flekkefjord: The church of Flekkefjord
Giske: The church of Giske
Grimstad: The chapel of Fjære
Hvaler: The church of Hvaler
Høvåg: The church of Høvåg
Kongsberg: The Royal Mint Museum of Norway
Kragerø: The church of Kragerø
Nøtterøy: The church of Nøtterøy
Oslo: Church Bekkelaget
Oslo: The Castle Church, Akershus Fortress
Porsgrunn: West side church
Porsgrunn: East side church
Seljord: The church of Seljord
Skien: Solum church
Stavanger: Stavanger Cathedral
Stavern: The church of Stavern
Svarstad: The church of Svarstad
Sør-Fron: The church in Sør-Fron
Vestre Slidre: The church of Vestre Slidre
Ålesund: The church of Ålesund
Årdal (district of Hjelmeland): The old church


Norwegian litterature
Henrik Ibsen: Brand (the name Jehova used twice)
Henrik Ibsen: Kejser og galilæer (the name used four times)
Knut Hamsun: Ny jord (here the name is used several times)