Category: Vestfold

Skjee Church

In Skjee Church in Stokke you can see the Tetragrammaton on top of the altarpiece.

Sande Church

In Sande Church you can see God’s name written with Hebrew letters – YHWH.


Inside the church of Svarstad, built in 1657, you can see the divine name written on the altarpiece with Hebrew consonants and vowel points.


The church of Stavern, outside Larvik, has an altarpiece with a top piece where the tetragrammaton YHWH is written inside a triangle. The altarpiece is from...


In the church of Nøtterøy, the tetragrammaton YHWH is painted with golden paint at the top of the altarpiece. The altarpiece is dated to around 1770...