The Divine Name in Norway


At the church of Kragerø there is an old bible lying in front of the altar. This Bible is printed in Copenhagen in 1633, and this...


At the Royal Mint Museum of Norway, which is located in Kongsberg, there are exhibited two coins from the time of king Christian the 4th. They...


The church of Høvåg has an altarpiece with the theme “resurrection”. Here, the name Jehovah is written with Hebrew letters.


The church of Hvaler is situated outermost on the islands of Hvaler. This is one of the oldest stone churches in Norway. Here you can clearly...


In the chapel of Fjære you will find a painting where you can see the tetragrammaton.


The church of Giske has an altarpiece from 1756 CE. This altarpiece has a sun in its midst where the tetragrammaton YHWH is written.


At the church in Flekkefjord, you may see the tetragrammaton by the main entrance.

Fiskum Old Church

In The Old Church of Fiskum, the tetragrammaton is painted in the ceiling of the pulpit. You can easily discover the Hebrew letters YHWH and the...